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    • DWO on Tour 2017
    • DWO on Tour 2017

      DWO on Tour 2017

      Welcome to the seventh edition of the DWO on Tour from DT Videos. Once again we follow one of Banger Racings top teams the DWO on their travels in 2017 filming them in action across the UK and Europe causing chaos and destruction where ever they go. The boys in blue have travelled far and wide in 2017 with action from many tracks including: Aldershot, Arena Essex, Eastbourne, Emmen, Ipswich, Kings Lynn, Mildenhall, Northampton, Ringwood, Smeatharpe, Warton and Wimbledon. There are many big crashes to be seen featured on this DVD including 239 Nemesis’s huge head on to 180 Sparky at the War of the Worlds, 190 Pikey’s rated follow in on 885 Mayhem at Winter Open and 341 Jonesey’s follow in on 917 Tew at Crasharama. There is also plenty of action with the boys on the receiving end with several encounters against TGB, Mad Hatters, Bro & the Buglers across the UK. There is also plenty of in-car footage to be enjoyed to which gives you a driver’s eye view of the action. This DVD includes an interactive DVD menu allowing you to navigate to various chapter points, an introduction sequence, action from all the meetings we’ve covered for you to enjoy and a specially edited highlights sequence to end the DVD in style.

      DVD Running time approx 91 Minutes


      £12 on DVD + £1 Postage & Packaging

      Payments via PayPal please send to

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