Metal Bending 2019 Part 1

Banger Racing crash compilation featuring action from the first 6 months of 2019 (January to June)

Metal Bending 2019 Part1

January to June

Welcome to Metal Bending 2019 Part 1 from DT Videos, this DVD is a crash compilation of the best Banger racing crashes we have captured from the first 6 months of the 2019 season with action from January & June. This DVD features crashes from around the UK across 15+ meetings we have covered with nonstop action throughout, crashes featured on this DVD are from Smeatharpe, St Day, Mendips, Standlake Arena, Skegness, Angmering, Ringwood Cheetahs and Mullacott Cross. Action on this DVD includes #360 Jackstar’s huge hit on #16 Fagass at Nutts Corner, #733 Stroudy’s mental T-bone on #229 at Good Friday Teams, the impressive wrecking train at Cheetahs and Jackstar’s huge Jag wreck from the Tongham Classic. This DVD includes an intro sequence, tightly edited chapters with all the crashes one after another also featuring in car footage, there are also slow motion replays of some of the bigger crashes and wreck shots split into 10 chapters then a hard hitting highlights sequence to end the DVD in style!




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