Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway

DVDs from the dirt track Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway in the New Forest

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Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway 16th September 2018 HAVOC

DVD of the Complete Havoc event for Unlimited National Bangers farewell for #359 Sean Swanborough

Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway 30th September 2018 VANS

DVD of the annual Dave Forrest Memorial event at Ringwood Cheetahs on the 30th September 2018 for Van Bangers!

Ringwood Cheetahs 2nd June 2019 CAPLIN CUP

DVD of the Caplin Cup/Hudson Hacker Memorial event for Unlimited Bangers at Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway!

Ringwood Cheetahs 29th September 2019 DAVE FORREST MEMORIAL

Offical race meeting DVD of the annual David Forrest Memorial meeting at Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway featuring Big Van Bangers, Small Van Bangers, 2 Litre Bangers, 1800cc RWD & 1500cc Non Contacts. 2 camera edit inc in van footage with #523 Swampy & #323 Dean Kelly

Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway 6th September 2020 CAPLIN CUP

Official race meeting DVD of the annual Caplin Cup/Hudson Hacker Memorial meeting for Unlimited cc National Bangers on the 6th September 2020. Also in action racing were the 1800cc RWD, 1500cc Non Contact & all Junior Groups.

Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway 27th September 2020 DAVE FORREST MEMORIAL

Official race meeting DVD of the annual Dave Forrest Memorial meeting filmed at Ringwood Cheetahs Raceway on the 27th September 2020 featuring the Big Van Bangers, Small Van Bangers Figure of 8 along with the 1500cc Non Contact and 1800cc RWD classes. This DVD is a 2 camera edit including on board footage featured with #323 Dean Kelly and #523 John Swanborough