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Metal Bending 2014 Part 2

Banger racing crash DVD featuring action from July to December 2014 from around the UK...

Metal Bending 2014 Part 1

Banger Racing crash DVD featuring action from January to June 2014 all across the UK..

Metal Bending 2013 Part 1

Welcome to Metal Bending 2013 Part 1 from DT Videos, this DVD is a crash compilation of the best Banger racing crashes we have captured from the first 6 months of the 2013 season with action from January & June. This DVD features crashes from around the UK and even Europe across 25 meetings we have covered with nonstop action throughout, crashes featured on this DVD are from Smeatharpe, St Day, Ringwood, Kings Lynn, Standlake Arena and Emmen in Holland. Action on this DVD includes 252 Boogie’s monster blitz on 632 Reedy Jnr at Ringwood, 474 Matty blitzing 27 Longford’s FX4 at Axetinction along with 501 Basher’s shot on 43 Odol which ends in an impressive auto sculpture, the multiple car roll over at Emmen, 521 Ace Ash’s massive head on to 239 Nemesis at the Spring Open and the Crasharama DD wrecking train! This DVD includes an introduction sequence, tightly edited chapters with all the crashes one after another also featuring some slow motion replays of some of the bigger crashes and wreck shots split into 15 chapters then a hard hitting highlights sequence to end the DVD in style!

Metal Bending 2011 Part 2

Welcome to the second instalment of the Metal Bending series for 2011, this edition being part 2, with footage from July to December. This compilation features all of the best crashes we have captured from around the UK along and even Europe across 25 meetings we have covered. Action from venues such as: Smeatharpe, St Day, Ringwood, Horndean, Grimley, Ringwood Cheetahs, Brampton, Sheffield and Speedway Emmen in Holland. Main highlights on this DVD feature 116 Klokkie’s mental blitzing of 885 Mr Cumshot at Emmen in September leaving 885s car severely squashed. 01 Kyle Shires roof bender on 521 Ace Ash at Brampton, 791 Tricky’s monster follow in on 221 Delboy at Grimley, 341 Jonesey’s mental head on with 313 Cattell at Ringwood, epic action at the Blockbuster with an influx of massive hits with 421 Nutty Niges spectacular caging of 47 Marcus A’Lee’s hearse. 252 Boogie in fine wrecking form at both Ringwood & at Cheetahs, hard action at the Emmen Blue Oyster with several big hits & jacking trains & 521 Ace Ash’s fine blitzing of 162 Bad Boy at the UK Open. This DVD includes a DVD menu page, introduction sequence, crashes from the various meetings chaptered which also include slow motion footage of the big crashes and on track wreck footage then a tightly edited highlights sequence which concludes the DVD in style. Running Time – 123 Minutes

Smeatharpe Stadium 20th & 21st May 2017 NATIONAL CHAMPS WEEKEND

Official race weekend DVD(s) of the 2017 National Championship for Saloon Stock Cars plus BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Benevolent Fund Trophy & Dave Wilson Trophy. Also features National Micro Banger Teams (Sat) & individual racing on the Sunday to. Multi camera edit inc fence & in car cameras plus excellent live race commentary from Steve Linfield

Smeatharpe 20th May 2017 DAVE WILSON TROPHY

Official race meeting DVD of the Dave Wilson Memorial Trophy at Smeatharpe Stadium for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars plus Saloon Stock Cars National Championship Qualifying Heats and National Micro Banger Teams

Smeatharpe Stadium 18th October 2015 THE LADIES TROPHY

Official race meeting DVD of the 18th October race meeting at Smeatharpe Stadium featuring the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Ladies Trophy, Saloon Stock Cars, Ministox & 2 Litre Old Skool Bangers

Ringwood Raceway 14th February 2015

Rookie Bangers Valentines Massacre Economy Rods Junior Rods Thunder Rods Special Rods 2 Litre Stock Cars

Ringwood Raceway 14th February 2015 VALENTINES MASSACRE

Official race meeting DVD of the Valentines Massacre for Rookie Bangers plus Economy Rods, Junior Rods, Thunder Rods, 2 Litre Stock Cars & Special Rods

Smeatharpe Stadium 2nd August 2014 MINISTOX BRITISH

This is the DVD from Day 1 of the summer Speedweekend at Smeatharpe Stadium on Saturday 2nd August 2014 featuring the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Challenge Trophy, Young Guns Championship and Ladies Race. Also in action were the Saloon Stock Cars contesting their National Championship qualifying Heats & the ORCi Ministox 2014 British Championship! A superb evening of Stock Car racing was contested into the night with some fast & furious action with an epic last bend conclusion to the 2nd Saloon Stock Car Heat, the Superb F2 Challenge Trophy race and even a roll over from 119 Harry Steward in the Ministox. This DVD features an interactive chapter menu screen, Introduction sequence, Pit Footage, the pre meeting BriSCA F2 Ladies race, the 16 race program filmed with a 2 camera edit featuring live race commentary, on screen graphics and race results! Concluding the DVD there is some in car footage from Saloon Stock Car 677 Eddie Darby & Ministox 907 Cameron Lawrence! RUNNING TIME – 133 Minutes

Ringwood Raceway 19th April 2014 2 LITRE BANGERS

2 Litre National Bangers Banger Kit Open Outlaw & 2 Litre Hot Rods Stock/Euro Rods 2 Litre Stock Cars