Season 2005

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Layhams Farm 25th September 2005 BIG BANGERS OPEN

Sadly just 17 cars turned out for the 2nd Banger open at the farm, with good action to offer though. This DVD starts with a short intro, a look around the pits, and then the races start with 4 of them. Each race has a short replay after them then after all the races there is a long replay section at the end. Highlights include the first heat includes the paddock bend pile up in heat 1, 317’s rolling of 27 ‘BOGRAT’ and the suicide dive of number 12 Martin Peters which sees him nearly clear the bank. Heat 2 has an epic banking from 372 Lee Evans on 117 ‘RIBBS’ on the paddock bend. The final has 2 cars going straight up the banking and also has a wrecking train. The D.D has a huge head on which sadly is just missed by our camera because of an obstruction in the way.

Horndean Raceway 11th September 2005 CHALK CHALLENGE

35 cars turned out for the Unlimited Bangers Chalk Challenge at SAA Horndean on the 11th September 2005 with a good field of drivers this was all ways going to be lively. It proved it more so with highlights that include the bottom bend hits in heat 1, wrecking train in heat 2 the epic rollover in heat 3 where the triumph of 274 Which is rolled by 959 ‘Fester’. The pile up in the D.D and other crashes in the meeting. This DVD starts with an introduction then a look round the pits then the Grand Parade. The racing starts after this, which is a 2 camera edit. In the final surprise visitor 617 Jack Overy won the final. After the races there is a replay sections after each race then a long replay at the end of the DVD.

Horndean Raceway 14th August 2005 PRODSTOX OPEN

60 to 70 Prodstox turned out for the annual SAA open meeting on the 14th of August 2005. With it being a nudge and spin meeting the action was not heavy but had its moments with rollovers, spin outs and a great demolition derby to finish with. Highlights include 91 Jimmy Moyes in the action all day using his banger skills to win the D.D. 161 Nigel Shaw rolling in heat 4 after he took a vicious t-bone. 585 Rodders roll in his Micra is caught on camera brilliantly. 277,131 and 959 also put on a great display in the D.D. The DVD starts with a short intro then a look around the pits and then 8 action packed races, which are 2 cameras, edit digitally for your enjoyment.

Horndean Raceway 17th July 2005 THE RAID

DT Videos first ever official meeting DVD The 2005 Team Championship for the 2 Litre Bangers at SAA Horndean Raceway (Bangers only DVD)

Layhams Farm 10th July 2005 LISA PEARCE MEMORIAL

35 Big bangers turned out for the Lisa Pearce memorial meeting at Layhams Farm, Croydon. Watch teams like the Road Runners, First Blood, Crunch Bunch, the new generation Squad and others battle it out for the Lisa Pearce memorial trophy. Lee Pearce won this trophy. We have all the dirt action from start to finish with 4 races their was a lot to offer. This is a 2 camera edit of all the days best action with the big rollover in heat 1 caught from both angles, the t-bone by the mk3 granny limo in heat 2 also caught by both angles and other numerous crashes that happened on the day of wrecking. After each race there is small replay sections and a long replay section at the end.