Metal Bending Unseen Volume 1

****WARNING THIS DVD CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR VIEWERS WITH CHILDREN PRESENT**** Welcome to a special edition installment of Metal Bending from DT Videos, this DVD is a crash compilation of the best Banger racing crashes we have captured from 2004 to 2010 thanks to our friend Chris Hayward. This DVD features crashes from around the UK & Europe across 90+ meetings from up to 20 different tracks we have covered with nonstop action throughout! Big crashes on this DVD includes #997 Mooran’s huge Bluebird wreck at the 2008 St Day Boneshaker, #401 Psycho’s Rover P5 being followed in by Alko at Sheffield’s Psychomania, #331 Boxer Jacks rated follow in on #421 Nutty Nige at Crasharama 2008 & #521 Ace Ash’s huge following on #271 Mark Dalgarno at Shamwreck! This DVD includes an intro sequence, tightly edited chapters with all the crashes one after another also featuring in car footage, there are also slow-motion replays of some of the bigger crashes and wreck shots split into 9 chapters then a hard-hitting highlights sequence to end the DVD in style!
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